still a little bit Morwen

My braid is fluffier than usual. As of bedtime last night, my rag curls had gone limp enough that I decided to forgo my usual habit of sticking my head into the shower to wet them down. Today my hair is mostly flat, but clings stubbornly to hints of fluffiness. It’s kind of weird.

For those who were asking yesterday, my dress came from Ravenswood Leather; specifically, it’s the Saberist Dress. I originally went to their site looking for a bodice (having decided, when Morwen walked out of the last High Court, that her next costume would be Adventurer!Morwen), but got sidetracked by the dress. The Kitsune is rather correct in saying that I have a writing career to support my costuming habit. But I highly recommend Ravenswood; they custom-cut the items to your measurements, and I was able to specify over the phone to them exactly how I wanted my dress to look. What’s more, their usual delivery time is about four weeks, but when I told them I would need it four weeks from when I ordered it, they sent it to me in about a week and a half. So they’re good people.

Gaming — oof. Three characters in three days. I love Sess just for being a low-maintenance character, compared to the two days of high costuming that followed. Getting to play the High Lord of Scathach was awesome, though I do wish the evening game had been longer, so I could have had more time to do things with her. (I wish even more that I’d gotten to flex her phenomenal badass-ness in the dragon fight, but alas, I was pulled out for a completely unrelated scene at the same time.) And then, of course, there was Morwen, who desperately wanted to Kill Something and never got the chance. But, as has always been the case with her, I was able to tell myself that whatever she did, she’d look good while she did it. ^_^

And now I’ve got just over a day to get my brain back in gear for my own game. As much as I’m loving Memento, man, there’s a part of me that’s looking forward to the day when it will stop eating my head.

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  1. sarcastibich

    I covet your dress. It can’t be said any better than that. I looked at that website, and I have a whole new area of things I want to spend money on that I can’t afford at this time.

    Is it tacky to have my wedding registry at a bunch of different costuming sites?

    • kniedzw

      Actually, I was reading about the etiquette of wedding registries the other day. It’s not tacky to have registries at a bunch of different places (though obviously don’t duplicate items between two or more vendors). It’s also not tacky to have really expensive items there, either, so long as there is a good spread of prices for gifts. The tacky begins to show in how those registries are announced.

      There is an implicit assumption of a wedding gift from those who are coming, but it is tacky to recognize that assumption. Thus, you shouldn’t announce it in your wedding invitations or your “save the date” cards. Rather, you should make it known amongst your close friends and relatives so that information can be spread by word of mouth. Likewise, if someone asks if you’re registered anywhere, it’s fine to point them to such registries, but it’s somewhat uncouth to bring it up in the first place.

      At least, so sayeth Emily Post. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      I’ve said before that one of the best aspects of being cast as Morwen is that her colors are ones I love anyway; it’s meant that I’m much, MUCH more willing to drop money on costuming her than I would be otherwise. I’ll find excuses to wear the leather dress again.

  2. oddsboy

    Yes, now class, let’s repeat after the corvid, shall we? Hmmm?


    *the crow dies in fits of hysterical laughter*


  3. khet_tcheba


    …I keep attempting to come up with appropriate language to describe how utterly badass that dress is, and failing miserably. Consider me envious and rendered borderline speechless.

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: :O

      It is indeed kickass. I got it in black and dark green, with nickel-plated buttons, and to give you an idea of the tailoring, when laced up, it gives me a small amount of spontaneous cleavage. (Presumably women with larger starting materials would end up with more than a small amount.) Worn with leather pants and knee-high leather boots, it becomes something I’m looking for more excuses to wear. *^_^*

  4. Anonymous



    I have sent three e-mails to Ravenswood asking about the Saberist Dress, some alterations, payment plans, etc. as I would need it for June. No response at all. I found your site because I was looking for a pattern similar to the Saberist, hoping that I might be able to reproduce something similar. Sadly, my budge can not suffer $400.00 for one dress.
    Have you thought about trying to manufacture something similar to it? Thanks. ~gypsie~

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: Ravenswood

      I’m afraid something like that would be way beyond me. If you try calling them, though, you may have more luck; I found the person I spoke to very helpful.

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