Patrick O’Brian in Mid-Air

I’m sure three-quarters of the people reading this journal have already caught at least some of the hoopla over these books, but I finally got around to reading Naomi Novik’s elegant alternate Napoleonic novel His Majesty’s Dragon. Short form: think Patrick O’Brian, but on dragon-back. My recommendation for it (and its subsequent series) is up on my site.

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  1. clauclauclaudia

    Cementing my desire to get around to these books. I just heard her interview with the “Dragon Page” guys. Apparently she sent her agent sample chapters and quickly heard back “we like it and we want three of ’em”. So I wonder how much the story changed from what she originally intended? Everyone seems to love them, though.

    • Marie Brennan

      It didn’t feel like she had to stretch very hard at all for sequels — you learn early on in the first book that Temeraire is a Chinese breed of dragon, which quite handily sets up a reason for a Chinese-based plot in book two.

  2. unforth

    That sounds awesome…I dig Patrick O’Brian. ๐Ÿ™‚

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