Herewith a post full of links to Pretty Things.

First up, horses made of driftwood. There’s something faintly creepy about a few of the shots — the arc and color of the wood occasionally gives the faint impression that you’re looking at the flayed body of a horse. But on the whole, they’re awesome.

Second — and get it while you can, since there will be a new Image of the Week soon — Kenn Brown and Chris Wren of Mondolithic (the fellows who did the cover for Summoned to Destiny) have a series of images of the Seven Wonders of the World. Even if you don’t share my giant soft spot for the Wonders, they’re still awesome pictures.

Third, some gorgeous digital artwork at Furiae. The galleries are organized by general color palette (umber, jade, azure, ruby), and while I don’t like absolutely everything in there, the work in general is stunning.

Fourth, going from the highly technological work of the last post to the beautifully primitive art of origami, we’ve got this guy’s pieces. Picking an example more or less at random (since they’re all awesome), try out the Archangel Gabriel. I didn’t think paper could do that.

Enjoy the pretties!

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  1. buymeaclue

    First up, horses made of driftwood.

    Oh, those are _beautiful!_ Thanks for the link.

  2. d_c_m

    Nnnnn gah!!! Those were great!! Sometimes you just need some beauty. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. mindstalk

    Yeah, those were neat. I wonder if the Wonders were painted or CGI or a blend.

    Have you seen the work of Lawrence Alma-Tadema? If you like hyperrealistic art style, with a classical tendency, you might like him.

    Actually Art Renewal pretty much specializes in old paintings like that. With a hoity-toity philosophy about it to match. 🙂

    What’s your icon from? It looks like my memories of Joan Vinge’s Summer Queen. (Or Snow Queen, but it has too much color.)

  4. tooth_and_claw

    Squee on Furiae, of course.

  5. princess706

    Wow… lots of everything gorgeous!! Thank you!

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