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My mother reported discovering (and purchasing) copies of Doppelganger in Dallas today, though in her tour of the local bookstores (yes, she visited more than one; she’s my mother; what did you expect?) not all of them had it shelved. There will be a picture to post soon, she promises me. Also, it’s in Elk Grove, California, according to a woman named Heather who found it there, read it, and liked it.

Two more reviews here and here. I debated whether or not to link to them, since both of the reviewers in question are personal friends, but on the other hand, both of them have solid things to say about the book — more than just “the writer is a friend of mine squeeeee.” So I don’t feel too weird about linking to them. (Go go nepotism machine! Or something.)

Remember, let me know when and where you find the novel on the shelves!

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  1. prosewitch

    I bought my copy on Friday from Howard’s. I am halfway through because the dang thing sucked me in pretty quickly, despite my workload. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      Woot! I feel like I should have a U.S. map and stick pins in it. ^_^

      • lillornyn

        Howard’s had it on their bestseller rack until it sold out; they plan on having more in later this week.

        • Marie Brennan

          Why do you not tell me these things sooner?

          • lillornyn

            I didn’t know until today (er, yesterday now). I knew Howard’s *had* the book, which I told you about at martini night. Mike, knowing that the mysterious Marie Brennan was a friend of mine, decided to push the book as much as he could; and I’ve been telling everyone to support their local businesses and buy from there if they’re at all able.

            And like I’ve been saying, whenever you want to do a book-signing over there, I’m pretty sure it can be arranged. 😉

      • princess706

        there was a THING that went around live journal a year or so ago that friends could input their zip code and it showed like pins on a map… oh! that’d be so cool! you could ask our ZIP and punch in and watch your book take over the world cross the nation!

    • wadam

      I have to second that. Definitely very compelling. I’m nearly done, and it’s pretty much ruined me for schoolwork the past two days.

  2. deedop

    I have one on order at one of our local island bookstores. And, I should add that the great thing about doing the local special order thing? The bookstore owner sez: “I’ll order one for you and one for the store,” and if he sells both, he’ll probably order more. 🙂

  3. squishymeister

    my copy from B&N got in today. I’m going to pick it up tonight!

  4. dr_whom

    Went to the Penn Bookstore; I was like “I’m looking for a novel called Doppelganger.” And it wasn’t on the shelves, but eventually they sent someone to dig it out of a not-yet-unpacked box for me. Took about half an hour for them to find it, though.

    • Marie Brennan

      Persistent little fellow, aincha?

      • dr_whom

        Well, I did keep saying “I can come back tomorrow, you know,” and the guy kept mumbling “Maybe… but let me check… ‘coz I was pretty sure it…” and I was like well, I can’t leave now.

  5. nconstruct

    I’m on a media blackout until I read it. Congrats.

  6. daobear

    I think I’ll wait until Pandemonium reopens and get my copy there so as to give them the business. Their old place is closed and the new one isn’t finished yet, so we are without Pandemonium, but only for a little while.

  7. kiipu


    I used to go to school with kurayami_hime, so have an idea of where I came from.
    Your book was on the shelf at the B&N over here. Placed in a book island right near the help counter. A good position, those waiting for answers stood right by it. I noticed and recognized the book, stacked 3 deep and 3 across, with several copies missing, along the top shelf. Another copy will go missing when I have more money. Anyway, I thought you might like knowing it was placed so nicely and copies were missing. Gratz on publishing >.<

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