return from ICFA; contest results

The only bad part about going to Florida for a weekend in March is coming back to Indiana’s winter weather advisories.

My fourth ICFA was delightful. My paper (on Meredith Ann Pierce’s The Darkangel) went well; Pythia’s paper went better, winning the grad student paper award. Go her! The Bloomington posse is beginning its domination. I also got very publicly promoted by Rick Wilbur of the fomerly-Asimov-now-Dell Award, who, in accepting a different award for his service, talked about the successes of the finalists, and made me stand up and display a copy of Doppelganger to the entire banquet room. I am so very very glad that my author’s copies arrived in time for me to take some south.

And speaking of the novel . . . .

Adam Zolkover wins the contest for spotting Doppelganger in the wild. There will be a character named after him in the urban fantasy sequel I’m working on. Even though the contest is done, though, go ahead and send pictures! Or, if you don’t have easy access to a digital camera, just tell me when and where you see the book appearing. I’d like to track its progress. The local Barnes & Noble has called the people who special-ordered it, so the process has begun.

Time to hide under the bed, I guess.

Unfortunately, I do have an excuse for being hermit-like. Two papers and a grant proposal to write in the next week and a half. Urk. Guess I’d better get to work.

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  1. unforth

    Bah, and me and looked at every book store we could find while in NYC…next time…*shakes fist at the universe for foiling her…*

  2. dolphin__girl

    Oooh, how did that award presentation for Rick go? I haven’t heard from Beth yet, and I’m very curious. :o)

    • Marie Brennan

      Very, very well. She read out comments from at least half a dozen of us. Rick knew the award would be happening, but not the comments, and I think that was a nice surprise for him.

  3. nekomata

    Man, I wish I’d won. I have never seen my name in a book. :p Will MCPL be acquiring a copy of your book by any chance? It would be good if they had one!

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