The Production Process

In my busy-ness on Friday, I neglected to make any mention of the fact that I’d posted the next installment of my series of “My First Novel” essays, discussing the production process a book goes through. I’m up to five essays now; I figure there will probably be seven when I’m done (with the last two covering promotion and reviews), and possibly an “epilogue” essay about my second novel.

On a completely frivolous and unrelated note, I like this quiz result:

Your Theme Song:

“The Sound of Silence”, Simon & Garfunkel

‘What is your theme song?’ at

It’s been one of my favorite songs since childhood.

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  1. anghara

    I tried it and it gave me “Under pressure” by Queen and David BOwie – which, given the weight of deadlines that are on me at the moment, is strangely apt…

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