Ladies and gentlemen, my author copies have arrived.

I had pretty much given up on them coming in time for me to take any to ICFA, but here they are. And yes, I am indeed giggling and clutching one to my chest. I had to convince myself to put it down long enough to type.

Remember: first person to send me a picture of copies on the shelves of a bookstore gets a psychic government employee named after them in my next book.

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  1. mrissa

    I looked! But so far no luck.

    • Marie Brennan

      It’s a bit early yet. Two weeks before the street date is about the soonest they’d be likely to show up, and Barnes and Noble, for one, seems to have gotten confused; they don’t expect to be getting it until the end of April.

  2. locke61dv

    ZOMG. How soon can we expect it available to stores? (Can I call Porter Square Books right now?)

  3. ksumnersmith

    Oh, wow. A whole box of books!!

    I’ve been keeping my eyes open, trying to get the first sighting in the wild. Course, it would also be useful if I owned a digital camera with which to take a picture …

  4. dr_whom

    I got a spam e-mail about “Stockmarket Small-cap Profile” with the From: line “Marie L. Brennan”; is that close enough?

  5. moonandserpent


    Awesome! Woot! That’s fantastic. Congratulations. You deserve the mad success.

  6. ombriel

    EEEEEE! That’s freakin awesome. 😀

  7. d_c_m

    YAY!!! And I work at a bookstore!! I”m already planning on calling you as soon as I see it!!! (Need your phone number though….) I’ll be bringing my digital camera to work now. I am sooooo getting a character named after me!!!!!

    • danielmc

      according to paul, the ‘date’ is late April.
      so early april the vigil begins.

      plus i will have to look in california book stores next week.

  8. kitsune_den

    The fox and I have already placed our special orders, and encourage everyone else to do so as well so that when the book comes out there will be actual copies on the shelf for people who aren’t bneuensc’s friends to buy.

  9. danielmc


    will be looking in california book stores all next week.
    expect pictures if i see them.

  10. khet_tcheba

    It’s one thing to see the cover art and the publication date and such. It’s quite another actually to have physical printed matter in-hand. That is so strange and awesome.

  11. tiamat360

    Ooo shiny! That’s so cool! Congrats!!

  12. ninja_turbo

    Yay! Go you!

    *Does happy proud-of- dance.*

  13. selenya

    I asked at Borders and they stated that April 28 is their release date. I’ve been looking everywhere. 😉

  14. unforth

    Congrats again, that is so totally awesome, and it’s spiffy that they arrived on time and all too!

  15. princess706

    I have also been looking everywhere, camera is always in the car.

    Besides… Sarah Steele already sounds like a damn character name anyway. 😉

    CONGRATS again, BTW!! so happy for you!

  16. deedop


    Sounds like it’s time to go bug the local island bookstores and see if they’ve got ’em on order.

  17. jimhines

    Just found your LJ, and wanted to say “Mm…author copies.” Very pretty indeed 🙂


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