February recommendation

Yeah, I know it’s March. Hush. Go find out why you should read The Outlaws of Sherwood, by Robin McKinley.

This puts me back on schedule for recommendations, assuming I manage to put up this month’s before, y’know, the end of the month. That shouldn’t be hard, right?

In other news, I give you the Typo Of The Night: A Swiftly Titling Planet. Discuss.

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  1. deadmanwade

    The problem with the title “A Swiftly Titling Planet” is that the name is currently in the midst of quite a legal struggle. Two authors are currently attempting to vie for the intelectual rights to this name. the first being one Reginald C. Bushman, an astronomer known for his works in the relatively obscure genre of Astro-temporal Titling, author of such books as “The fast egocentric universe”, and “the Blackhole which went up a Quark and Came down a Neutrino” has argued that his book titled “A Swiftly Titling Planet” was in fact the first book to named as such and the strides it takes into the field should give precedence to his labor of love. the second author, one Jerald Pronisgood, claims that his book was in fact the first one to take said title. His book, a fascinating and erotic journey into a man who is apart of a race which believes the ability to give pleasure is the only true call in life. This man is unfortunately not able to do as such as the mere sight of a breast makes the man erupt into pleasure and unable to give it to anyone else. Both of these men believe themselves to be the sole possessor of this intellectual property and until the heated legal battle subsides, the world will be bereft of both of these literary masterpieces.

  2. drydem

    Sure, not hard, I’m sure you’ve done it at some point.

  3. lowellboyslash

    I like mashed-up titles like that. My favorites are The Phantom of the Tollbooth and Aslan Shrugged.

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