something for everyone . . . .

. . . but particularly Moonartemis, Tooth-and-Claw, Gollumgollum, and heck, even Oddsboy (just to make him twitch).

What’s better than gay guys or cowboys?

Gay cowboys, of course.

What’s better than gay cowboys or figure skating?

Gay cowboys on ice.

And yeah, that is Kurt Browning out there, and Alexei Yagudin too.

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  1. ombriel

    That makes me incredibly happy on the cultural-discourse level.

    And then there’s the watching-it level of happiness…

    • Marie Brennan

      The journal where I found it linked also said that apparently three of the guys are happily and heterosexually married. Which pleases me even more.

  2. selenya



    I want sex.

    I mean, that was wonderful.


  3. khet_tcheba

    That is beautiful. There are not words.

  4. Marie Brennan

    <lol> The funniest part is, now that I’m a Published Writer and all, I find myself thinking more carefully about what I post to my LJ . . . and I spent a while thinking about this one, with a Hypothetical Visitor in mind, wondering how it would look.

    Now I know. ^_^

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