back into the usual groove

Given that I had about zero enthusiasm for yesterday’s game going into it, I had a pleasingly good time. Started off by chatting with Eleanor-Elise about nobility, segued to convincing Mantokele not to flip out and kill people (well, certain people, anyway — he can kill others), then got sucked into the vortex of “did we mention the world’s coming to an end?” chaoticness. Enjoyed the Areopagos trial (did I even spell that right?), since it gave Ree a chance to express certain aspects of herself that haven’t really been given much of a workout since she came back.

Now I have papers to grade, e-mails to answer, short stories to write, a game to prep — all that fun stuff. (Okay, so only some of it is fun.) I just hope I’m not coming down with the cold/flu-thing that seemed to be plaguing a couple of people at the game (and yes, I use that word deliberately). Because I don’t need that right now.

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  1. moonandserpent

    It’s not a cold, it’s a White formori plot!

  2. d_c_m

    Started off by chatting with Eleanor-Elise about nobility

    And I LOVED that scene and wish to God/Dess that I had nommed you please forgive me and Go REE!!!

    • Marie Brennan

      It’s easy to forget stuff from the beginning of the game when it’s six hours later and your brain is oatmeal. I should have nommed you, too. Christ, who would have thought it — that Ree would find herself arguing in defense of feudalism against democracy.

      • d_c_m

        What is even funnier is how the rest of the day played out for Eleanor!! She almost lost everything. Now she feels she must play the good little line-toting sidhe. Ree’s words helped her cope with the day. 🙂

  3. armbarred

    hehe… we need to chat I’ll bounce an email to you soon.

    • Marie Brennan

      Do we ever. It might be a good thing you had to leave early — I’m not sure all the woodge in the world would have been enough to help me hold you back had you been there when the news hit.

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