Post-Concordia Post

Wow — I haven’t had a game hangover this intense in quite some time.

Yesterday (for those of you not involved) was the Concordia game for Changeling, wherein Faerilyth got crowned High Queen and I, as Morwen, sat in a room playing the part of Condemned Traitor Awaiting Judgement. Which was not nearly so tedious as I feared it might be.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and talked to me during that time. Partly, of course, because that would have been one hella boring game if you hadn’t, but even more because those were a bunch of truly fantastic scenes. No doubt I’ll forget some people (that was a long game), but I recall having conversations with: Queen Mary Elizabeth, Queen Mab, Queen Morganna, Faerilyth before her coronation, High Lord Varich, High Lord Eleanor, Princess Lenore, Sir Seif, Duke Topaz, Duke Firedrake, Duchess Igrania, Duke Dray, Duke Kelodin, Duke Aeon, Countess Anne, Baron Weyland, Lord Mu, Sir Rowena, Sir Danwyn, Dame Airmed, Sir Ranulf, Adama, Ochun, and Vincent Cross. Plus a few others who wandered into the room in company with someone else but didn’t really talk to me, like High Lord Donovan, High Lord Eleanor’s consort Sir Tairngrim, Lady Ayame, and Midir, Adama’s faceless assassin.

In other words, damn, I was a popular traitor.

I’m glad the scenes were so good, since Mab gave me her favor before I could even ask her, thereby rendering unnecessary the hours of trying to finagle a favor out of somebody I had expected to go through. And it was an interesting experience, spending 99% of the game sequestered in a single room, leaving it only long enough to a) do my level best to commit political (and very nearly literal) suicide and b) find out what the consequences of that would be. During the periods when everyone assembled for court and I was left alone, I stayed in my room instead of going to eavesdrop OOC, whereupon I paced back and forth and planned my speech of accusation. (That, for the record, was an idea I’d come up with at 2 a.m. the night before while trying to fix the sleeves of my dress so I could bend my arms, so that I would actually have something to do at the game, some goal to actually strive for. After all, politicking needs to be spiced up with a few Grand Gestures. Even if mine then got eclipsed by the Crazy Cold Iron Suicide). My one regret is that for OOC player reasons, Duke Rococco was not there when I did it, since I was later told second-hand that he might have taken up my challenge to Meilge. And wouldn’t that have been interesting.

As for the dress, well, I didn’t get all of the detailing done on it that I wanted to (the beaded chains for the sleeves and skirt got made, but not attached), and the organza proved too delicate for sleeves (the seams ripped out on both sides by the end), but on the whole, I think it was a success. If I can replace the sleeves with something a little sturdier, I should have quite a lovely dress, if one that requires about ten minutes of help to be laced into (thank you again, Prosewitch!).

Now, having made my post-game post, maybe I can get my head out of game space and start working on other things.

EDIT: Oh, and extra mad props to Sapphohestia, who ended up spending much of the game playing the part of my lady’s maid, coordinating the lineup of people waiting to talk to me (a surprisingly necessary service), and bringing me water and food when I started to die.

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  1. selenya

    I loved speaking with you…it was one of my biggest goals of the day, and I’m so glad I finally got in! πŸ™‚

    Go Morwen!


    • Marie Brennan

      Oops — I accidentally called you Sir Airmed instead of Dame. Fixed that now. (You were in a lineup of Sirs, including one female one, so my fingers just kept going with it.)

      I was amused at how many of the lower-ranking nobles seemed to be of the “Woo-hoo! Somebody finally said what they MEAN! Without all the pretty fancy lies!” camp. ^_^

      Sorry for how long it took for you to get in, but I had to pay attention to ettiquette, and damn, I think I spoke to nearly every Duke or Duchess there.

      • selenya

        Oh no, it’s fine. I had fun with it. I haranged every single person who stepped in front of me. LOL

        We *despised* the pretty fancy lies. Dear God, we just wanted someone to tell us we were boorish, oafish fighters who had no business politicking. Seriously. I made so many good-natured cracks about my house it wasn’t funny (except to me. LOL)

      • selenya

        And actually, she wanted to figure out how Rowena got called “Sir”. She hates being referred to as “dame”.

        • unforth

          I’m not entirely sure either. I think it might be a matter of always, always, always refering to oneself as sir, correcting people who refered to her as dame, and eventually everyone just thinks it’s supposed to be that way. πŸ™‚ When I first entered, the seneschal announced me as dame (despite my efforts to convince her otherwise) and I was…irritated. πŸ™‚

  2. moonandserpent

    I was *furious* when I found out I missed that. It was unavoidable, but still… furious.

    Oh well, things worked out pretty well in the end anyway.

    She did live to have that 2nd conversation, after all πŸ™‚

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah . . . I coulda cried when I heard that you would have done that. Because it would have been FANTASTIC to see Rococco stand up and say, “okay, she’s a traitor, but I’m not. Put up or shut up, asshole.”

      (Or however he would have phrased it.)

      • moonandserpent

        “Well, this certianly beats listening to another damn speach about unity.”


        “Well, as controversial as it may be, I’ll stand for her honour. After all, it’s a horrible thing to lose face…. wouldn’t you agree Your Grace?”


        “It may be that bottle of Cristal talking, but I’ll try anything once.”

        Well… any number of things… IF I had done it.

        • selenya

          We as Danwyn’s Army WISHED we had the political clout to take it up for Morwen. *G*

          • unforth

            If I hadn’t been strictly neutral, I woulda gotten up, and damn my lack of political clout. πŸ™ It was the right thing to do – even if Morwen was a traitor, someone could have championed her. That’s my thought, anyway

          • Marie Brennan

            I think it would have been interesting had lower-ranked people tried — he refused me on the grounds that I was a traitor, and could have refused others because of their low rank, but it would have been a worthwhile gesture to challenge and be refused. A dangerous one, yes, but one with meaning.

          • selenya

            *digs toe in dirt* Yeah, I know…

  3. kitsune_den

    Heh…for want of a Champion, the Kingdom was lost ;>

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