Photography Envy

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve just been turned green with photography envy. The Coyote’s pictures from the Concordia game remind me just how much difference there is between the kind of photography I do (quick shots snapped off, sometimes with thought given to composition, but little to no understanding of light and other such matters) and the kind of photography you get with a good camera and knowledge of how to work it to the best advantage in the circumstances.

Case in point, three pictures of me from the Concordia game.

I’d link to the whole album of pictures if the Coyote hadn’t requested we keep the password private. Suffice to say that the compositions he directed his subjects into go a long way towards capturing us-as-characters, rather than us-as-players-in-funny-clothes, and that the colors come through with wonderful richness. Coyote, I may hire you someday as my photographer for research purposes, since once of my recurring questions has been, how the hell can I show photos of what I’m working on, without them looking flat to an outside eye?

And yes, that would be the dress which ate my life lately. I’ll have to find other excuses to wear it. (Once I replace the now-destroyed sleeves. And either get a new crinoline, or widen the waistband of mine so it stops pinching a nerve in my back.) ) You can see more detail of the fabrics, and also what I did to my hair, in this shot, but watch out for the blinding glare of flash off satin — I was shiny that day.

Methinks I might photoshop these shots a bit — with permission, Coyote — to get rid of the scars and weirdnesses like that inexplicable patch of red on my neck. They’re fantastic pictures, and I’m thrilled to have them.

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  1. mrissa

    I feel this way about , and here’s part of why. The difference between his photos and my snapshots is extremely clear.

  2. wadam

    Wow. Fantastic shots. Totally makes me want to beg you guys to let me come and photograph too.

    • Marie Brennan

      I imagine they would let you. And if you’re already versed in the technical aspects, which it sounds like you are, you could experiment and give me tips on how to do effective ethnographic photography on a LARP (where most “action” shots of games in progress look like nothing more than people standing around in odd clothing).

      Huh. Which I suppose is, in its way, a statement not just on the difficulties of photographing LARPs, but also on the attention we pay (or don’t pay) as players to the visual impact of our body language. Film directors and actors get the advantage of manipulating camera angles and planning out vivid body arrangement in advance; LARPers and those trying to snap shots of them are making those things up on the spur of the moment, and so the really effective images are going to be fewer and further between.

      Makes me want to work on my body language as well as my photography. <g>

      • wadam

        I can imagine my pictures being both more and less useful from an ethnographic perspective than Coyote’s, just based on the images I saw. I’m not really a stand-around-and-pose kind of photographer (as you probably already know about me); I’m much more of a shooting the action / candid kind of guy. This may be good in some ways, as it tends to produce better shots for studying what’s actually going on as far as interpersonal communications go, but it probably isn’t going to be so flattering…

        Anyway, now you’ve got me thinking about this, so definitely tell me if and when another chance comes around, and any logistics you can think of.

        • Marie Brennan

          Well, on February 5th, there’s going to be a game where the gods are getting together to chat about destroying the world . . . .

          • wadam

            February 5th it is, then.

            I trust that I can get you (or someone) to fill me in on the details as the time approaches.

          • Marie Brennan

            Seeing as how Kyle and I are the ones running the game in question (with a few other gents I’m not sure you know), I’m sure we can keep you updated. ^_^

      • lillornyn

        Makes me want to work on my body language as well as my photography.

        To me, still shots rely *so* much on the face. You can be posed perfectly, but a flat expression will still rob the shot of its power. In these photos, where we’re portraying fantastic characters, I think that’s especially important, and in all of them I think it comes through perfectly. Had I not already known Morwen’s role in the story, after looking at those pictures I would not have been the least surprised to hear it. Well done to you *and* the Yote.

        • Marie Brennan

          Whereas I, as a dancer, tend to not be as swayed by the power of an expression if the rest of the person’s body is just standing there.

          And yeah, I was trying to look pensive and slightly doomed, so I’m glad it came through. ^_^

  3. squishymeister

    “me” is my favorite.
    Coyote man did take some amazing shots!
    On behalf of all my fellow fae: “please do more, Wookie!”

  4. danielmc

    the shots i take are quick and to catch the moment for memory and remebrance and i am in no way trained in photography skills.

    the Coyote is the Artist and catches the essence.
    good to see his work again.

    hmmm…ya know, those shot might make a great shot for a book jacket. If you ever got around to writing a novel or something…

    …wait a second!

  5. daobear

    Oooh pretty. Are you a Sidhe? What house do you belong to?

  6. khet_tcheba

    FABULOUS work, m’dear. Looks like you conquered that skirt quite effectively in the end. The dress is gorgeous!

    There is so much to be said for having really good photos of your costume work. Since the medium is so transient, a lot of times you end up with nothing to really show for your effort BUT any photographs taken.

  7. d_c_m

    Oh Goodness those are spectacular!!!! You looked awesome. So regal. Go you.

  8. coyotewatches

    Hey there… I’m not sure how this post got under the radar on me.

    Thank you so much for the kind words from yourself and everyone. Makes my heart all squishy.

    And, yes, I’m up for research work with you. I would enjoy that a great deal! In other news, I’m going to try and have a CD of images for you tomorrow. They will be the images from the gallery. Really, the other ones I have are simple repeats or just, well, crap. *grin*

    Thanks again!

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