I want a good icon for academia-related posts, since it appears I can have six icons now, instead of three. (Before, gaming and writing won out for Activities Deserving of Icons.)

Any suggestions? I generally prefer the “interesting image” route instead of the “cute text” one.

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  1. princess706

    Just a few I really liked…. (I belong to an icon making community and lifted these from there.)

  2. princess706

    Ask and thou shalt…

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: Ask and thou shalt…

      Oooh. Okay, so I didn’t end up using any of these, but you did inspire me to figure out what I wanted, as demonstrated on this comment.

      I’ll need to test-drive it for a while and see if I still like the image squished down to a hundred pixels in height, but for now, I’m going with this: the Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin, aka THE MOST AWESOME LIBRARY EVAR.

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