Parliament Costuming

Need clothes? Shoes? Makeup? Accessories? If you’re in search of items to help you create your costume for the Parliament of the Apocalypse, leave a comment here. If you can fill such a request, or just want to broadcast that you have neat items somebody might find useful, also leave a comment. This seems the best way I can figure out for people to network about sharing costume items, without spamming the list.

(If the above paragraph confused you completely, then you’re not in the Parliament game, and need not worry.)

Non-LJ users can comment as well; just hit “reply to this post” or “post a new comment,” type in what you need, and it will post anonymously. Just be sure to put your name in the comment, too, so we know who you are.

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  1. Marie Brennan

    For my own part, I have an outdated but still reasonably useful list of what’s in my closet.

    * dance-costume dresses: white, blue, green, purple
    * chiffon ballet skirts in various colors
    * dark blue crushed-velvet half-bodysuit
    * black velvet and dark blue cotton bodysuit, sleeveless
    * green crushed velvet “dance sweater”
    * black high-necked leotard
    * short pink ballet dress
    * green, gold, and silver yukata with sash
    * blue and silver satin dress [Buttercup’s, from TPB]
    * white tunica
    * dark green stola
    * white crinoline [worn for Odette]
    * cream silk Chinese-style tunic
    * black silk Chinese tunic
    * black pirate shirt [worn for Ree]
    * black zip-up sleeveless leather vest [worn at dance party]
    * cheong-sam, dark blue velvet with silver embroidery
    * cheong-sam, black satin, embroidered [worn for Lady Silke]
    * red satin dress
    * black slinky drape-y dress [worn for Bella Graves]
    * black velvet cloak
    * green crushed-velvet cloak
    * black velveteen jacket, frog closures, gold trim
    * shawls: black, silver crocheted, blue
    * brocade dance bodices: white and teal
    * brown fringed leather hippie vest
    * a variety of boots, mostly black, some brown, size 7 or 7.5
    * ditto dance shoes
    * gloves: black velvet, black fishnet, white satin
    * black spiderweb tights
    * leather bracers: black, blue
    * black leather fencing gloves
    * black feathered leather cord
    * green feathered choker
    * chainmail headdress [worn for Odette]
    * folding fans of various sorts
    * rhinestone, ribbon, and bell “waterfall crown” [worn for Cascades]

    Let me know if any of that sounds handy to anyone.

  2. sarcastibich

    I need to know what type of toga/wrap Persephone should wear. Any help from folklore types? I’d look it up, but don’t have time at work and the internet is down at home.

    • Marie Brennan

      You’re in luck; a chiton is very, very easy to make.

      Then basically you belt it low on your waist, or under your breasts, or you try the thing where you cross two belt/straps from your shoulders between your breasts. And then you wrap a long non-fringed shawl around yourself as a himation.

      The main thing I’d recommend for you, to make your costume interesting (chiton and himation being Pretty Damn Simple), would be to buy or borrow a wig of long, dark hair, and then braid it up into a crown with slender braids coming down over your shoulders.

      • sarcastibich

        I sooooo don’t know how to braid hair. Much less hair on a wig.

        So, I guess the help I’ll ask for now:
        Does anyone have a nice long dark wig that I could borrow?
        Does anyone know how to braid hair and feel they could help me borrow said wig (should I be loaned one)?


  3. tooth_and_claw

    I need :

    a necklace of skulls

    Black body paint

    And some inventive way to make an extra pair of arms . . .

    • Anonymous

      Consider Pantyhose

    • lillornyn

      Couldn’t you just borrow K8’s arms?

    • Marie Brennan

      Ask k8 if you can steal her extra arms from when she played Kali.

      And I’d recommend black cake instead of greasepaint, since it rubs off on other stuff less. I think I lent mine to somebody, so if that somebody is reading this comment, please let me know that you have it.

    • sarcastibich

      since a couple folks already pointed you to k8

      As for body paint, I recommend looking for those spray-cans of temporary hair color. It works on skin quite well and is good for covering large areas. You can even use it on your face, just be careful when spraying across the eyes. Look at places like Sally Beauty Supply for the hairspray. I might have a couple cans that I bought on clearance around Halloween, but depending on how exposed you plan to be you’ll need a couple more.

      Another option for how to cover your arms and legs is to use black panty-hose, maybe doubling up to reduce the greying effect that comes when you put them on.

    • gollumgollum

      i *have* an extra pair of arms, my dear, and you’ve already called dibs on ’em. call me sometime and i’ll show you how to wear ’em. they’re glorious arms.

      and instead of black body paint, use tights. seriously. paint your face and such, but wear tights on your arms and legs–it saved me *so* much time and effort.

      (and one thing i fergot to do but would look badass–eat/drink some red koolaid just before game to give yourself that red tongue look.)

      if you need any help with costuming…um…i’ve been there. (; i think i have the bones i used for my belt/sash/waist thing, somewhere.

    • kitsune_den

      Just as a warning, we’re requesting that people stay away from any make-up that could be construed as blackface. We’ve had complaints in the past.

  4. unforth

    In other news, I’m not much for having lots of cool stuff to share – I have very little costuming stuff – but I’m good at making stuff and enjoy a challenge, so if anyone wants something weird, I’ll happily give my input and/or chip in some time. (things I’ve made before include Cthulhu wings at midnight Halloween eve in three hours from cloth, coat hangers and curtain rods, for example). My e-mail is unforth @

  5. lillornyn

    I need a tri-cornered hat, preferably black.

    Anybody? Anybody? …Bueller?

    • Anonymous

      Tri-corn hat

      I actually have a black tricorn hat, I’ll bring it to the game tomorrow. I don’t know who you are (I tend to avoid LJ) so if you could make yourself known to me, that’d help.
      –Eli Levine (

      • Marie Brennan

        Re: Tri-corn hat

        That would be James, and he’s had to back out of the game — but you can still bring the hat if you’d like, since Geoff (who’s now playing Legba) might want it.

        • lillornyn

          Re: Tri-corn hat

          And I wanted it for the Concordia game anyways. I can’t see why Papa would wear one at all. 😉

          • Marie Brennan

            Re: Tri-corn hat

            Concordia game? What’s this Concordia game you speak of? There is only the Parliament. <— (said in “There is only Zuul” voice)

  6. morbon_tg

    I’m looking for a horn that I could use, preferably a curved one, but at least something that might look like an ancient Norse horn. No trumpets need apply.

  7. Anonymous

    Does anybody have a skeleton costume/mask I could borrow. I would like to spatter it in fake blood, and I don’t know whether it will wash out…

    ~Ariel (

  8. drake_rocket

    I have a bit of stuff but probably most useful is a huge pair of skull pauldrons and a two handed sword with skulls on it (both of which I had at the samhain game)

  9. Anonymous

    I need……

    I need a black hooded robe and some thing to act as a syth….nothing fancy.almost anything will suffice.
    Thanks Will CrowleyII

    • Anonymous

      Re: I need……

      I’ve got a scythe thingy, it even has a skull motif. I’ll bring it along to the game if you still need it.
      –Eli Levine

  10. prosewitch

    Er… I have a ton of jingly and fringey and flowy and silky stuff of the variety that belly dancers wear. Lots of fake flowers and feathery things to put in one’s hair or elsewhere. Also have 2 kimono, one black and one pink, plus an obi. I have a black wool hooded cloak and a purple velvet-and-lace hooded cloak.

    I’m still looking for costume pieces for my Sedna outfit… anything that looks like seaweed, wearable driftwood, fishing nets, spears, ivory, that kind of thing, would be much appreciated (think Arctic underwater goddess… with no fingers…).

  11. pathseeker42

    If anyone has a handful of red, orange, and/or yellow feathers, I could definitely make use of them.

  12. anima_mecanique

    If anyone has a black wig of any sort they’d be willing to lend me, that would be nice.

    I’d prefer a long wig, but the style is negotiable.

  13. sarcastibich

    I need a wig to borrow, if possible. Preferably brown or dark brown, although I could swing black. Red might work, but I don’t quite see Persephone with red hair. Blonde is out, my skin tone and dark hair/eyebrows just wouldn’t make it work.

    I might be putting some bobby pins into this wig’s hair to style it into some kind of an up-do, if I can. But if the lender is not happy with that idea, or if I find I’m incapable of styling the wig, I’ll leave it alone and use it as is.

  14. deadmanwade

    Im on the lookout for Skins/furs/hides. Stuff that a demon goblin on finish myth would wear.

  15. fallenrose

    I have a variety of things, but most interesting may be…
    -a variety of masks
    -a green suede short skirt and vest/top with belt with golden buckle
    -elbow length gloves in black lace (and a pair in leopard print)
    -chinese purse
    -dark purple top with sheer belled sleeves
    -skirts in sundry colors
    -a pair of black sheer wings with fuzzy edges and silver feather-lines

    I might think of more later, so if I do I’ll add it.

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