0 Responses to “Welcome to Swan Tower!”

  1. ninja_turbo


    Speaking of which, what stories would you like me to mention in my ‘I know l337 professional writers’ section of my Clarion App? I mean, aside from Doppelgänger.

    • Marie Brennan

      There’a bio on my website (swantower.com); of the stories in print, the anthology, Jabberwocky, and Talebones might be good to mention, and the Weird Tales one coming up.

  2. danielmc

    i’m on board.

    great to see you dancing so much last night

  3. just_not_right

    I made the leap, it seems. Hmm, even landed on my feet, bonus.

  4. princess706




  5. d_c_m

    I did it!! Whoo hooo!!

    Plus, I LOVE your icon.

  6. feyangel

    Hello 🙂

  7. preraphaelite

    Yeah, I know it took me about 70 million years to hop on over, but here I am. Looking forward to seeing you at Vericon!

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