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In Ashes Lie

The year is 1666. The King and Parliament vie for power, fighting one another with politics and armies alike. Below, the faerie court has enemies of its own. The old ways are breaking down, and no one knows what will rise in their place.

But now, a greater threat has come, one that could destroy everything. In the house of a sleeping baker, a spark leaps free of the oven — and ignites a blaze that will burn London to the ground. While the humans struggle to halt the conflagration that is devouring the city street by street, the fae pit themselves against a less tangible foe: the spirit of the fire itself, powerful enough to annihilate everything in its path.

Mortal and fae will have to lay aside the differences that divide them, and fight together for the survival of London itself . . .


Novel news

A new edition of In Ashes Lie is out now, in paperback and ebook!


Translated editions

  • French: Gît dans les cendres
  • German: Feuer und Schatten


In Ashes Lie may not seem much like traditional High Fantasy, but it does not neglect the Fae, giving a remarkably lucid view of their complexities of zone, kind, philosophy and personality right up to a conclusion that’s suitably dark yet not hopeless for the survivors in either the overt or the hidden version of London…

—Faren Miller, Locus

Brennan has created a fascinating hidden underworld beneath London, and it’s enhanced by prose that has an elegance perfect for historical fantasy. The worldbuilding is beautifully executed and rife with atmosphere.

—Romantic Times