Want an extra-large version of the cover? You can find that here: US, UK, or ebook.

There are multiple paintings of the Great Fire of London; these are my favorites.

Great Fire 1

Great Fire 2

I also created a map of London, so readers could gauge the progress of the Fire. You can find the full-size version here.

map for In Ashes Lie

I’m pleased to share, with permission, a piece of fan art from a reader:

"Lune," by Mark Satchwill
“Lune,” by Mark Satchwill

You can also view a selection of photos from my research trip on Flickr.

As for castings, I imagine Jack Ellin as Paul Bettany, and Lune as Olivia Wilde. (I don’t have a casting for Antony, alas.)

Paul Bettany

Olivia Wilde