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inadvertent internet bankruptcy


I just closed Firefox with the intent of rebooting it, because I’d opened some things that were making it laggy.

When I relaunched the program, it did not restore my tabs. Nor did it let me have the “Restore Previous Session” option. Nor did it list anything under “Recently Closed Tabs.”

They’re just gone.

Well, um, I guess that’s one way to clear out my browser? I’ve managed to remember some of what I had open, but not all of it — not by a long shot. Like, less than 50%. Some of the things I know I had open, I can’t recreate well enough to pull them up in an address bar. The rest, I don’t even remember what they were. Which I guess you could argue means they weren’t that important to me . . . but that isn’t actually true, since some of them were things I had open for reference purposes, and it annoys the snot out of me to have them vanish.