I mentioned on the page for Warrior that the Enigma song “The Eyes of Truth” is the music for that book’s trailer in my mind. Oddly, it then ended up becoming the central song for Witch. The writing of this novel was the first time I used iTunes as my preferred audio software, which means it’s also the first time I’ve had the opportunity to track the number of times I’ve listened to a particular song while writing a novel. After brainstorming, writing, revision, copy-edits, and page-proofs, I had listened to “The Eyes of Truth” a terrifying seven hundred and ninety-three times. Yes, this appalls me, too.

It was not, though, the only thing I listened to. “Ceremony of Passage,” from Vas’ album In the Garden of Souls, was my usual battle music, being drummy and fast and cool. Finally, though I wish to avoid spoilers, I will say that the song for the final scene of Chapter Eighteen was another piece from that same album, “Beyond Despair.” It’s a truly beautiful choral piece, and very well-suited.