“Red Letter Day”

As with my other novels, I’ve made a soundtrack for Lies and Prophecy; you can find that listing here.

But there’s one song that needs explanation.

“Schwa’s Shiny Holographic Cover Remix” of the Pet Shop Boys song “Red Letter Day” is not something you’ll be able to find on iTunes. It’s a remix a friend of mine created as the overture for his extremely cracked-out production of Waiting for Godot, using the unfortunately-named “Trouser Autoerotic Decapitation Remix” as its base, and it features the voice of the actress (yes, actress) who played Estragon reciting quotations from the Book of Revelation.

What does this have to do with the novel? Nothing whatsoever . . . except that I really like the song, and when my friend first gave it to me, I listened to it a lot. Like, I put it on repeat. For days.

And I happened, at that time, to be working on the early stages of what would eventually become Lies and Prophecy.

That song is the reason I make soundtracks at all, the reason I listen to music while writing. I discovered that I could build up a Pavlovian association: hear song, think of story. To this day, it remains one of the best ways for me to get myself in gear for writing.

. . . just don’t ask how many times I’ve listened to “Red Letter Day.” The number is frankly terrifying.