I have a long-standing habit of making soundtracks for my novels. The titles below are designed to minimize spoilers, but still, proceed at your own risk. A playlist containing many of these tracks is available on on Spotify.

Lies and Prophecy

  • Opening Titles — Pet Shop Boys, “Red Letter Day [Schwa’s Shiny Holographic Cover Remix]”
  • Julian — Brian Tyler, Constantine, “Meet John Constantine”
  • Adventures in CM — Cirque du Soleil, Journey of a Man, “Youth”
  • A Visit From the Tower — Marilyn Manson, “Seizure of Power”
  • Samhain Night — Don Davis, Matrix Revolutions, “The Trainman Cometh”
  • Emerald and Gold — Nellee Hooper, Romeo + Juliet, “O Verona (Reprise)”
  • Unearthly Eyes — Jonathan Davis, Queen of the Damned, “Jesse’s Dream”
  • I Will Not Be Chained — Apocalyptica, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos, “One”
  • Bridging the Gap — VNV Nation, Empires, “Standing”
  • The Past Unveiled — Michael Kamen, X-Men, “Logan and Rogue”
  • Talman Trickster — Don Davis, The Matrix Reloaded, “Trinity Dream”
  • New Dimensionsnot sure. I got it off a friend’s mix CD, but I’ve lost the identifying information.
  • Concerning Wilders — Metallica, Metallica, “Unforgiven”
  • Masquerade Chase — Don Davis, Matrix Revolutions, “Tetsujin”
  • A Circle of Snow — Clint Mansell, Requiem for a Dream, “Lux Aeterna” [remix]
  • Facing the Mirror — Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight, “What I’ve Done”
  • Defenses Within — Graeme Revell, The Crow, “Return to the Grave”
  • End Titles — Public Image Ltd., The Blair Witch Project, “The Order of Death”