My playlists for this book were built from three types of sources:

  • Soundtracks to pulp adventure movies (e.g. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
  • Music from dragon-related things (e.g. How to Train Your Dragon, Bioware’s Dragon Age games)
  • Polynesian/Hawaiian music (e.g. Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu)

I have a long-standing habit of making soundtracks for my novels. The titles below are designed to minimize spoilers, but still, proceed at your own risk. A playlist of most of these tracks is available on Spotify.

Voyage of the Basilisk

  • Voyage of the Basilisk — “Desert,” Cirque du Soleil, O
  • A Meeting of the Flying University — “The End,” Stephen Warbeck, Princess Ka’iulani
  • Tidings from Bayembe — “Flute Fruit,” Shpongle, Tales of the Inexpressible
  • The RSS Basilisk — “Syracuse,” Harry Gregson-Williams, Sinbad
  • Serpents of the Northern Seas — “The Rescue,” John Debney, Cutthroat Island
  • Among the Feathered Serpents — “Semantics,” Jerry Goldsmith, The 13th Warrior
  • In Dragon Turtle Bay — “Way of the Open Palm,” Jack Wall, Jade Empire
  • Soldiers in the Mountains — “Being Patient/Beifong’s Sacrifice,” Jeremy Zuckerman, Legend of Korra
  • Not a Dragon at All — “The Downed Dragon,” John Powell, How to Train Your Dragon
  • The Great Storm — “Storm,” Cirque du Soleil,
  • Dragon-Spirited — “Journey Away,” Lisa Gerrard, Whale Rider
  • In the Diving Bell — “Swords Crossed,” Klaus Badelt, Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Peak of Homa’apia — “The Doldrums,” Christopher Gordon, Master and Commander
  • Intellectual Errors — “Data, Data, Data,” Hans Zimmer, Sherlock Holmes
  • To Ride the Waves — “Jim Saves the Crew,” James Newton Howard, Treasure Planet [edited]
  • On the Cursed Isle — “Whisper,” Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna
  • Made of Bone — “The Zeppelin Arrives,” Edward Sheamur, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • An Untrammeled Shadow — “Red Route 1,” Basil Poledouris, Hunt for Red October
  • Flight from the Islands — “Escape from Mordechai’s,” John Debney, Cutthroat Island
  • The Battle of Keonga — “Barbossa Is Hungry,” Klaus Badelt, Pirates of the Caribbean
  • A Plaster Cast — “Aftermath,” David Arnold, Independence Day