My habit of making soundtracks for the novels I write can actually be traced back to the protagonist of this series. Ree was a character I played for many years in a LARP, in a gaming community where a lot of the players made a habit of creating soundtracks/mixes for their PCs; by the time I was done with Ree, her soundtrack covered five CDs.

A few of the tracks from that, plus a few new ones, suited themselves to the plot of this novella. The question marks indicate a track I got from a friend’s mix CD and don’t know the name of. A playlist of some of these tracks is available on Spotify.

  • Lightning in the Blood — “Undercurrent,” Jami Sieber, Braid
  • The Korenat — ???
  • King’s Wife — “Earth,” Hans Zimmer, Gladiator
  • Eyes of Blood — “The Trance Dance,” Brian Gascoigne and Junior Homrich, The Emerald Forest
  • The Ravine — “To Victory,” Tyler Bates, 300
  • Varekai — “Kèro Hiréyo,” Cirque du Soleil, Varekai