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Chains and Memory

Manifestation was only the beginning.

The Otherworld has returned — bringing with it the sidhe, the source of humanity’s psychic powers. Some mortals welcome these creatures of legend, some fear them . . . and no one is ready for the change their presence will bring.

Last autumn Kim and Julian stood at the center of that storm. Now they face a challenge closer to home: a battle over the laws governing wilders, the closest genetic relatives of the sidhe. Many feel that change should wait until the current upheaval has ended . . . but Kim sees opportunity in the chaos, a chance to free Julian and all his kind from the chains of the deep shield that locks their gifts away.

The roots of that shield run deeper than she knows. The quest to destroy it will lead her and Julian back into the world of the sidhe, where they will uncover ancient lies, face betrayal on all sides — and gamble everything on the possibility of freedom.



Through the device of a biologically distinct minority with potentially lethal paranormal abilities, set in the judicial and legislative quagmire of a a near-future United States, Brennan examines in sometimes harrowing detail what it means to be legally and socially marginalised. The magically endowed wilders exist in a society that both relies on and fears them. For generations they’ve been stripped of family, identity and autonomy, and expected to respond with selfless service, unquestioning obedience, and no sense of injustice. Sound familiar? Chains and Memory is more than an evocative title; in many ways it’s a parable for what’s happening in America today.

—Stephanie Saulter