My habit of making soundtracks for the novels I write can actually be traced back to the protagonist of this series. Ree was a character I played for many years in a LARP, in a gaming community where a lot of the players made a habit of creating soundtracks/mixes for their PCs; by the time I was done with Ree, her soundtrack covered five CDs.

A few of the tracks from that suited themselves to the plot of this novella. A playlist containing some of these tracks is available on Spotify.

Cold-Forged Flame

  • Cold-Forged Flame — “Warriors,” Ronan Hardiman, Lord of the Dance
  • Across the Island — “and the mountains rising nowhere…,” Joseph Schwantner
  • Under Attack — “Bridge Attack,” Bill Whelan, Roots of Riverdance
  • The Cave — “Hidden Souls,” Klaus Badelt, Equilibrium
  • The Cauldron — “Klevebergselden,” Garmarna, Vittrad
  • The Change — “The Morrigu,” Glenn Danzig, Black Aria