Fan art

I’m incredibly honored that various people have made fan-art for the Memoirs of Lady Trent. Here you’ll find all the ones I’ve been given permission to share; if you’d like yours included, just let me know!

"Young Isabella," by Victoria Ying
“Young Isabella,” by Victoria Ying
"Dragon," by Chelsea Younglove
“Dragon,” by Chelsea Younglove
"Lady Trent" by Craig Houghton
“Lady Trent” by Craig Houghton
"Sparkling" (necklace), by H. Emiko Ogasawara
“Sparkling” (necklace), by H. Emiko Ogasawara
Skull by unknown artist – if this is your work, let me know!
Suhail portrait and kiss by Ollie Jones
calligraphy with a quote from THE TROPIC OF SERPENTS by Marie Brennan: "There is nothing in the world so enticing as that which you have been told you may not have."
Calligraphy by @DBcalligrapher
samples of a script for the Draconean language by Cheryl Bowman
Draconean script samples by Cheryl Bowman
A Lego minifig of Lady Trent before a chalkboard with small dragons on top
Lego Lady Trent by Rick Martin
A three-dimensional decorated cake showing Lady Trent atop a rearing sea serpent
Battle of Keonga Cake by Deana Whitney (click through for more pictures)