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“La Molejera”

I hear the sound well before I reach the end of the path, an awful, rocky, percussive scraping that makes my teeth hurt. They say she’s at it all day, every day; if it weren’t for the charity of the village, the old woman would have starved long ago. She’s not grinding corn in that […]

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“False Colours”

The skies were clear and the winds fair for Plymouth, the Hesperides flying before them like a swan, her wings unfurled from the yardarms and belling out full. On deck, the gusts were strong enough to flick sailors’ tarred tails of hair forward over their shoulders; higher in the rigging, they were strong enough to […]

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“Mad Maudlin”

Peter found her slippers just inside his office door. Standard white hospital issue, placed with exquisite care in the small gap between the bookcase and the doorframe, perfectly aligned, heels against the wall. The police officer just shrugged at Peter’s questioning glance. The man was standing a few feet inside the office, thumbs in his […]

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