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prepping for the monsoon

Of course. I have to pick the one day it pours rain to fly to India.

(Understand: I live in a place where October is not a month in which it rains. Almost ever.)

Anyway. I’m off to India, weather permitting. Internet access will be unpredictable, so don’t expect to hear much from me for the next two weeks. But there will be pictures afterward.

The LiveJournal Guide to Southern India

So, I don’t think I’ve gotten around to mentioning that next month, kniedzw and I are skipping off to India — specifically, Bangalore. His company is sending him there for two weeks of work, so we’ve bought me a ticket and extended his trip an extra week and a half, and will be running around sightseeing for a while.

Our timing coincides very fortuitously with Diwali, so we’ll be hanging around Bangalore for the festival. After that and a bit of local sightseeing, though, we’re interested in spending roughly five days Somewhere Else. Ergo I throw this open to you, O Internets: if you know southern India at all, where do you recommend we go? Mumbai? Goa? We like places of historical interest, temples, that kind of thing, but we’re skipping the big-name things in the north like the Taj Mahal because we’d rather see a tiny fraction of one region than an even tinier fraction of the whole country.

This is the first trip to India for both of us, so any and all advice is appreciated.


kniedzw has been posting honeymoon pictures to Flickr, so I shall, too. These are my most interesting or artistic shots from Rome, Delos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Athens; the Pompeii pictures are on his camera, mine having gone belly up the night after Athens.

You will notice some duplication between his set and mine; we had a habit of taking extremely similar shots. Which isn’t a bad thing: sometimes one or the other of us got a better angle or frame on it.

Special to Lymond folks: there’s a picture of the Topkapi Palace harem.

returning to the world of the internet-living

I am back home. Half a day and change later than I should have been — weather cancellations stranded us in Chicago last night — and horribly jet-lagged, but otherwise fine. (And, judging by the comments I’ve received so far, much more tan than anyone here has ever seen me.)

I have not read the Internet since May 6th. If you got married/had a sex change/moved to Laos/cured cancer/did anything else you would like me to know about, please say so in comments. ‘Cause God knows I’m not reading through the archives of all this stuff for the last three and a half weeks.

If you contacted me, I will be responding as soon as I can, jet-lag permitting.

Expect regular blogging to resume henceforth.

oy, research.

As I just said to the boy, I feel like I’ve e-mailed half the population of London now with research inquiries. So far we’ve contacted Hardwick Hall (okay, not in London), Hampton Court Palace, the Globe, the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers, and the Tower of London, though that last one bounced and I need to figure out why. I’ve also made my hostel reservation. The Museum of London I don’t have any questions for; I probably don’t need a reservation for the Thames River Boat to Hampton Court; Lambeth Palace appears to be almost never open to the public (since the Archbishop of Canterbury still lives there), so I will only be photographing the exterior of the Tudor brick gatehouse.

Oy, research.

If the Londoners who specialize in the Elizabethan period hang out together, I suspect they will make jokes about the crazy American novelist who’s been querying all of them.

I still need to look into Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, and various things in Southwark. And yes, this is well in advance of my trip, but I figure the people I’m hoping to ask questions of will be happier if I contact them early.


London, mostly. But also a jaunt up to Derbyshire to see Hardwick House. There’s probably an Elizabethan manor closer to London, but I’m not sure I can pass up the chance to see Bess of Hardwick’s actual house.


I realized a moment ago that I haven’t been out of the country since 2002. Which necessitates the world’s smallest violin playing for me — oh, woe is her; she’s twenty-six and she’s only been to the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Israel, and Japan — but it’s a bit sad to trade approximately once-a-year overseas trips for multiple-times-a-year domestic trips, especially when the domestic trips mostly mean the hotel the conference or convention is in.

So, yeah. May 22nd to May 29th, flying out of Chicago, so buzzermccain, if you’ve got Internet access again, be warned that I’ll be taking you up on that crash space.


Edited to add: Okay, so, trying to type a post while on the phone with kurayami_hime doesn’t work so well. I should clarify that I am going to England as research for Midnight Never Come, not that you all probably didn’t guess that anyway. I’m going for a week, and will spend most of the time in Central London, Westminster, and Southwark, with the aforementioned jaunt to Bess of Hardwick’s house, and things like a riverboat trip to Hampton Court Palace, which still has some Tudor-period architecture left, though not much. (On the other hand, it means I get to float down the Thames. Yay!) Anyway, I’ll post more details about my exact plans when I have them more concretely formed. Right now, I’m still giddy. ^_^