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more photos

I still haven’t sorted through my India pictures enough to post them (Bad Swan! No biscuit! Or whatever one feeds swans as treats), but it occurred to me I did have scanned-in copies of a few shots from the last photoset I took on film, during my 2002 trip to Japan. The scanning means their size and quality is not the best, but I put them up anyway for you to enjoy.

a (purposely) slightly-delayed goodie

Since I posted the excerpt late, and since the schedule would have had me posting this one on a weekend, I decided to wait until today. But now you can head on over to Flickr and see my photos from my research trip last year.

The Ashes pics are fewer in number than the Midnight ones because I inadvertently left my camera cable at home when I went to London; this mean I couldn’t download my photos to my laptop, which meant I was limited to the capacity of my (rather small) SD card. I kept having to delete my poorer or less important shots to make room for new ones. But you can see several of the locations that will be appearing in the novel, or at least whatever’s currently standing on their sites now, plus other things representative of the period.

They are also pegged onto a map, if you want to know where those things are.


kniedzw has been posting honeymoon pictures to Flickr, so I shall, too. These are my most interesting or artistic shots from Rome, Delos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Athens; the Pompeii pictures are on his camera, mine having gone belly up the night after Athens.

You will notice some duplication between his set and mine; we had a habit of taking extremely similar shots. Which isn’t a bad thing: sometimes one or the other of us got a better angle or frame on it.

Special to Lymond folks: there’s a picture of the Topkapi Palace harem.

picture time!

Your tidbit for today: photographs from my research trip to London last year. You can start here, or browse the entire set.

It’s an oddly-balanced set of pictures, for several reasons. First and foremost, I can’t take pictures of 99% of the stuff in the novel because it isn’t there anymore. The best I could do was to photograph some stuff like what was there. But that got hampered by the restrictions against photography inside Hampton Court Palace and Hardwick Hall; those were some of the most informative places I went, but I have very little to show from them. Finally, I also took a great many pictures I didn’t upload, but they’re reference shots from inside museum exhibits, and between the lighting conditions and the necessity of photographing through glass, most of them came out very poor-quality. So my apologies for the odd skew of the set. But those of you who have never been to London will at least have a few mental images now.

*** *** *** *** ***

My publicist wrote to tell me the other day that [redacted: I think I was not supposed to report this yet. But it had to do with a review.] It turns out that isn’t the first review of the book, though. I got myself listed on LibraryThing as an author, and in exploring the links I discovered that two people have already reviewed it. One mixed-to-positive (according to that individual’s allocation of stars), one overwhelmingly positive. And then d_aulnoy‘s ICFA con report includes her reaction; she grabbed the book in ARC while she was there.

Seventy days to street date. It’s finally starting to feel like the book is on its way.