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One of the reasons I like making soundtracks for RPGs is that it gives me a permanent relic of what is otherwise a very ephemeral form of art.

And it’s a good sign that I go back and listen to them. I mean, it’s all music I have anyway, so I may put iTunes on shuffle and have it bring up something I used on a soundtrack, and if the association is strong enough, when I hear it I’ll think of the character or event it described. But I’ll also go listen to the re-ripped versions of the tracks, where I burned them to CD and then ripped them again under the new titles, and when I do that, I’m listening to those versions. Musically identical, but different in meaning. And I like the fact that I find myself wanting to do that, sometimes.

Yesterday, it was my Season 5 soundtrack for Ree. Tonight, it’s her soundtrack (all five CDs of it) on shuffle.

It’s good to have a keepsake.

Regency LARP

I got shot. It was one of the best things that happened all game.

I love it when I can say something like that, and mean it as a sincere statement of fun. ^_^

It’s easier to post about one-off games in a way that’s comprehensible (and, dare I hope, interesting?) to outside audiences, since they’re designed to be self-contained, so if you’re curious about how I got shot and why this was such a fabulous thing, look no further than beneath the cut.