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If you’re looking to buy any of my books through an online retailer, you can find the links here! (Though see this page for an explanation of why buying books from a physical store carries more benefit for the author.)


Memoirs of Lady Trent | Varekai | Wilders | Onyx Court | Doppelganger | Other


Memoirs of Lady Trent

A Natural History of Dragons

The Tropic of Serpents

Voyage of the Basilisk

In the Labyrinth of Drakes

Within the Sanctuary of Wings

  • forthcoming April 25th, 2017

“From the Editorial Page of the Falchester Weekly Review”



Cold-Forged Flame

Lightning in the Blood

  • forthcoming on April 25th, 2017



“Welcome to Welton”

Lies and Prophecy (illustrated edition)

Lies and Prophecy (text-only edition)

Chains and Memory


Onyx Court

Midnight Never Come

Deeds of Men

In Ashes Lie

A Star Shall Fall

With Fate Conspire







Writing Fight Scenes

Monstrous Beauty

“Mad Maudlin”

“Daughter of Necessity”