Writing: Philosophy

My apologies to any philosophy majors visiting this page; you will find no actual philosophy here. Instead this page collects my essays and blog posts on the ideas and principles of my field, as opposed to the concrete practice of it (those being found under the Writing: Craft tab). Genre | Writing | Reading | […]

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Writing: Craft

For my “New World” essays on worldbuilding, check out my Patreon page. Over the years I have posted a great many thoughts on the craft of writing to my blog or various group blogs, or directly to this site; I’ve also written some ebooks on the subject. Those are collated here, grouped into broad categories. […]

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Nonfiction: Other

Why It’s Good to Buy Books from Stores A brief explanation of why you’ll do your favorite author more good by purchasing their books from a bricks-and-mortar store than buying them online. Multicultural Fantasy A (now regrettably out-of-date) list of fantasy that draws substantially on real-world cultures other than Celtic, Norse, and feudal European. Fantasy […]

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