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Cold-Forged Flame

Out of nothingness they summon her: a woman with no name and no memory, and the power to bring them what they need. Across an island that changes beneath her feet — into a cavern that holds a terrible trap — to the brink of her soul’s annihilation — her journey will transform her forever.




Novella News

Cold-Forged Flame is now available as an ebook!


Brennan explores the power of memory, self-realization, and destiny in this mix of survival story and self-discovery tale. […] Brennan delights readers with this exciting, fast-paced start to a fantasy novella series.

Publishers Weekly

These mere 100 pages will fly by, leaving readers anticipating the next steps of her journey.

KC, Library Journal

It’s a tight, tense, gripping narrative, that builds to an excellent climax.

Liz Bourke,