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Deeds of Men

LONDON, 1625. A young gentleman lies dead in a Coldharbour alley. Before his death, he uncovered secrets that could threaten the mortal world above and the faerie world below. Now, to find the murderer and protect both realms, Sir Michael Deven will need the help of a man with reason to hate the fae of the Onyx Court -- the victim's own brother.

Deeds of Men is a novella set between Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie. A murder mystery set at the end of James I's reign and the beginning of Charles I's -- 1621-1625 -- it covers a period of transition in the Onyx Court. You do not need to have read Midnight Never Come to enjoy this story, but be warned that there are spoilers for the aftermath of that novel.

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© 2009, Marie Brennan | Illustration © Mark Satchwill