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The Onyx Court

A second city lies beneath the streets of London: a place of darkness and mystery, intrigue and faerie enchantment.

The Onyx Hall is London's shadow, a subterranean realm that protects its inhabitants from the powers of iron and Christian faith. The mortals above live their brief lives; kings and queens come and go; the fae of London are eternal.

The Onyx Court books are a series of semi-standalone historical fantasy novels set in London, at different points in English history. The first volume, Midnight Never Come, takes place during the later years of Elizabeth I's reign; the second, In Ashes Lie, spans the turmoil and upheaval of the English Civil War, and culminates in the Great Fire of London. A Star Shall Fall is set in the mid-eighteenth century, dealing with the Enlightenment and Halley's Comet, and after that comes the Victorian With Fate Conspire. I have also begun to write Onyx Court short fiction, with stories that fall between the periods of the novels.

I consider this series to be urban fantasy in the literal sense: though it does not take place in the modern day, the City of London plays a central role in the story. One of the distinct pleasures of the series is exploring how London has changed through the centuries, and how English society has changed around it -- even as the fae struggle to keep up.